Sony Ventures into Cryptocurrency: Launches S.BLOX Exchange in Japan

Sony's S.BLOX Exchange launch in Japan for cryptocurrency trading.

Sony, the Japanese multi-industry conglomerate, is set to make a significant entry into the cryptocurrency market by launching its own exchange, S.BLOX. This move follows the acquisition of Amber Japan, a prominent crypto firm, and marks Sony’s debut in the cryptocurrency exchange sector.

Key Takeaways

  • Sony has acquired Amber Japan, renaming it to S.BLOX.
  • S.BLOX will collaborate with other Sony Group companies to enhance its cryptocurrency trading services.
  • The launch includes a new mobile app and a refreshed user interface.
  • Sony’s entry into the crypto market is part of its broader strategy to diversify its holdings.

Sony’s Strategic Acquisition

Sony’s acquisition of Amber Japan, formerly known as DeCurret, was a strategic move to enter the cryptocurrency market. The acquisition was made through Sony’s subsidiary, Quetta Web, in August 2023. This low-key acquisition has now been brought to light with the rebranding of Amber Japan to S.BLOX.

S.BLOX aims to provide value-added cryptocurrency trading services by collaborating with various Sony Group businesses. The platform has already upgraded its WhaleFin crypto offering and plans to further improve it. New signups to WhaleFin through Nuro Mobile, Sony’s mobile contract reseller, will receive ¥3,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Expanding Blockchain Initiatives

Sony Network Communications, a commercial subsidiary of Sony, has been actively involved in blockchain initiatives. Last year, it collaborated with Startale Labs to create Sony’s own public blockchain network. This venture aims to leverage Sony’s intellectual properties across the metaverse, including brands from Sony Pictures, Music, and PlayStation.

Sony Bank is also making strides in the blockchain space. It is set to launch the Sony Bank Connect app, offering NFT entertainment rewards linked to financial products. The bank has been active in issuing stablecoins on the Polygon blockchain and piloted a $1 million issuance of a green finance security token targeted at retail investors.

Market Reception and Future Prospects

The market has reacted positively to Sony’s entry into the cryptocurrency sector. The launch of S.BLOX is eagerly awaited, and the new mobile app and user interface are expected to enhance user experience. Sony’s diversified portfolio, including its presence in the music, gaming, and camera industries, positions it well to integrate blockchain technology across various sectors.

While details about the official launch of S.BLOX are yet to be announced, the market is optimistic about the potential synergies between Sony’s existing businesses and its new cryptocurrency venture.


Sony’s foray into the cryptocurrency market with the launch of S.BLOX marks a significant step in its diversification strategy. By leveraging its extensive intellectual property and collaborating with various Sony Group companies, S.BLOX aims to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform. The market is keenly anticipating the official launch and the innovative services that S.BLOX will bring.



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